to our Belly Dance school!

Welcome to Belly Queen, an Oasis of Oriental Dance in the heart of Tokyo! Whether you're looking to just have fun, or you would like to become a professional dancer, Belly Queen is the place for you.

Conveniently located in Nakano with many small group classes and private lessons a week, Belly Queen fits your schedule.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


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Belly Queen offers classes in Oriental Dance, Modern Egyptian Style, Turkish Style, Lebanese/Egyptian Pop, Folklore Dance, Bellishape, Junior Belly Dance!. Our own Middle Eastern Paradise!   Fun, exciting, and challenging!
At Belly Queen, you can learn authentic Middle Eastern Dance at 7 levels of profiency, from Basic Beginner through Professional Dancer and Instructor. Belly Queen is student-centered and the staff at Belly Queen is dedicated to your success in achieving your personal goals.  All our instructors are Certified Professional Dancers who have years of experience.  At Belly Queen you get real advice and support from real pros. 

When you register, you can choose between our Fun & Fitness Course and a comprehensive Certificate Program.  Either way, we guide and support you, charting your progress as you begin to achieve your goals whether it be creative self-expression, personal growth, staying in shape, or becoming a professional dancer.  We have a well-defined curriculum and a proven methodology by which you can learn quickly and efficiently.

If you want to perform, you will have many opportunities.  Weekly events at Belly Queen include Live Belly Dance Parties, Student Shows, Henna Parties, Restaurant Shows, Videos Nights, Costume Workshops, and Make-up Workhops. 

Conveniently located in Nakano, Tokyo, and with over 25 classes a week, Belly Queen is sure to fit your schedule.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


Location:  Nakano

Nakano map


1. Exit out the South Exit of the JR Nakano Station and turn left.

2. Go past the Police Kiosk on the road curving up next to the train tracks.

3. Pass the Sunkus and Turn right when you get to the Veloce. There will be a dry cleaner's on the corner.

4. Pass the TAC center and an apartment.

5. Sadia's Studio is in the Tanaka Appartment Building on the second floor (on the left side of the street).  Go through the gate and up the staircase.

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